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Strengthening national reconciliation mechanisms

Thursday, 28 June 2018 14:47 Written by 
  • Location(s): Madagascar, South Africa, Togo
  • Type(s): Solution
  • Theme(s): Democratic Governance, Peacebuilding, Inclusive and sustainable growth, Justice, Sustainable Development
  • SDG(s): 16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
  • Locations in Africa: Madagascar, South Africa, Togo
  • Types in Africa: Solution
  • Themes in Africa: Democratic Governance, Peacebuilding, Inclusive and sustainable growth, Justice, Sustainable Development
  • SDGs in Africa: 16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
  • Types of ComSec Solutions: Solution


Exchanges of experiences have been promoted between Madagascar, Togo and South Africa with a view to strengthening the capacities and systems of national reconciliation in Madagascar.


Since independence, Madagascar has suffered from recurrent crises (1972, 1991, 2002 and 2009, which have weakened the socio-economic environment of the country and aggravated the extreme poverty of the population.After the political crisis of 2009, Madagascar faces the challenge of national reconciliation, the upgrading of state services and the rebuilding of the social fabric torn apart by months of crises: it is for the country to put in place a sustainable mechanism to break the cycle crisis which is a brake on its development.


Representatives of national institutions in charge of reconciliation participated in exchanges of experiences and good practices in the process of national reconciliation in Togo and South Africa.

The representatives of the Presidency, Primature, National Assembly, Reconciliation Council and Ministry of Communication participated in the exchange missions.

The main purpose of the exchange missions was to inquire about experiences and lessons learned from the South African and Togolese national reconciliation systems in order to feed the reflections on the Malagasy national reconciliation and the capacity building. actors involved in this process.

Reflections are undertaken to enhance the experiences of these two countries, adapting them to the context of Madagascar. Technical support from a South African NGO In transformation Initiative (ITI) which has made several visits to Madagascar in collaboration with the South African Embassy which supports efforts to support a program of national dialogue and reconciliation led by President. These exchanges have also helped to better define the vision and the reconciliation process that the country wants to put in place; This led to the reform of the legal framework that governs this process (Law No. 2016-037 on national reconciliation) and the restructuring of the Council of the Fampihavanana Malagasy (CFM), the entity responsible for conducting reconciliation.

After the inauguration of the new members of the CFM this year, the next challenge for this institution and for Madagascar is to begin the process of reconciliation, especially in a context where the country is preparing to face new elections in 2018.

Supported by: UNDP

Implemented by: UNDP, In Transformation Initiative, South African NGO

Contact person:
Lalaina Rakotozandry,
Governance Program Officer,
UNDP Madagascar
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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